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Introduction to pipe truss and bridge structure:
Pipe truss structure and truss structure refer to the lattice structure where truss members are interconnected at the ends, the pipe truss truss refers to the structure in which the rods are all circular bars. In most cases, the rods in the pipe truss are subject to axial tension or pressure only, and the stress is evenly distributed on the cross-section so as to give full play to the role of materials. These features make the truss structure have economical materials and a small self-weight. Easy to form a variety of shapes to suit different uses, for example, it can be made into simple truss, arch, frame and tower, thus truss structure has been widely used  in many of today's large-span venues and buildings, such as convention centers, stadiums or other large public buildings. Steel bridges are the bridges built of steel structure, the general amount of steel used in this bridge amounted to 50% or more is called "large steel bridge". Its main body is made of alloy steel, which is assembled and welded after the production of parts and components. It is a new type of bridge construction mode that is fashionable at present. Advantages of steel structure bridge: The plasticity and toughness of steel are good so that the seismic performance of steel structure bridge is outstanding; the construction period is short; the quality of steel bridge is easy to guarantee; the steel structure bridge is easy to be reconstructed during the use, such as strengthening, height addition and road widening, which the change is relatively easy and flexible; steel structure is environmentally friendly products; the pipeline is easy to arrange.

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