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Introduction to frame steel structure:
The main advantages of frame structure: flexible space division, light weight, saving material; has the flexibility to cooperate with the layout of the building plane, which will help arrange the building structure asking for greater space; the beam and column components of the frame steel are easy to standardize and finalize, which facilitates the assembly of the integral structure to shorten the construction period. When the cast-in-place concrete frame is used, the structure indicates good integrity and rigidity, if well designed and treated, it can achieve better seismic effect, and the beams or columns can be casted into a variety of required cross-sectional shapes. Frame steel structure is commonly used in large-span public buildings, multi-storey industrial plants and some special-purpose buildings, such as theaters, shopping malls, stadiums, railway stations, exhibition halls, shipyards, hangars, parking lots, light industrial workshops, etc.

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