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The Lanling coil coatings products can be divided into three categories: top finish, backing paint and primer, of which the backing paint and top finish can be further divided into various color varieties, and the primers, based on the film-forming resins , can be divided into polyester-melamine primer, polyester-polyurethane primer, epoxy-polyurethane primer. Customers can select the one that is suitable for their specific requirement.

The Lanling coil coatings has been developed on the basis of years experience of production and R % D on corrosion protection coatings , and architectural coatings and the advanced technology from other countries . This newly developed product has enjoyed its high reputation from vast of customers for its stable quality and good after-sale service. A great number of domestic coil coaters, new and old, focused on the Lanling coil coatings products. The quality of Lanling coil coatings has reached or surpassed the imported similar products.

Technical Specification of Lanling Coil Coatings

Items Primer Top Finish Backing Paint
Fineness (μm) 25 max. 25 max. 25 max.
Viscosity (#4 Ford Cup 23℃) 100±20 100±20 100±20
Solid Content (w/w) 50% min. 60% min. 60% min.
T Bending 4 max. 3 max. 4 max.
Reverse Impact (J) 9.0 min. 9.0 min. 9.0 min.
Pencil Hardness (H) 2H min. 2H min.
MEK Resistance (Double Rubs) 10 min. 100 min. 50 min.
Gloss 60° (%) As Required As Required
PMT(℃) 216-232 216-232 216-232
PMT (℃) 20-60 20-60 20-60
Resistance to Neutral Salt Fog (h) - 500 Grade 2 300 Grade 2
Accelerated weatherability test(h) - 1000 Grade 2 -
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